Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dear Lucy

Once again, I am feeling a strong desire to understand more about this amazing ship. I bought porcelain plates yesterday planning to create a neat design, though I had not decided what. Then, as I was searching for colors of paint, I came up with an idea. I want to design the plates according to the Lusitania's plate designs. At Cunard-Whitestarline.com (interesting to see the rival ship companies united), they have detailed information about the patterns of the fine china. I even found a photograph of china that has been recovered from the wreck.

Then, as I continued my search, I ran into an old website I used to visit all the time. It was my least favorite Lusitania website in the past, but one of the only ones. Anyway, I found this:

A cushion from the music room that was recovered only the day after the sinking, May 8th, 1915! This may not be the most exciting thing for others, but I shouted, "Oh my!" (Afterward, I was surprised at such a silly outburst, but still!) A cushion from the Lusitania! This Lusitania site has definitely redeemed itself in my eyes. Now it can go to being the second least favorite instead of the first--I'm not sure what has taken its place. I'll let you know when I decide.

This has given me inspiration for so many things. I want to resume my novel, which I had put aside for a long time--I needed a break from the thing. I've been working on it for the past ten years. I also am inspired to create a comprehensive Lusitania website. At one point in my life I was in contact with Eric Sauder (a few brief emails when I was 18), a Lusitania historian. Wouldn't it be awesome to find contact again and receive his help in creating a historically accurate, information-packed website? If you agree, please let me know.

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