Friday, October 22, 2010


My life this week has been...

Watch this

And a lot of this...

I've watched all three extended editions in two days.

I'm listening to this...
And wanting to play this...

You see, I don't normally play video games, but I do play Lord of the Rings video games (or Harry Potter). Slightly nerdy, I know, but I love Battle for Middle Earth. It's a PC game and so addicting.

I guess I'm obsessed. 

I also found this website again, after years and years. I can't believe it's still there--literally, years, like 2003 was the last time I visited and it's still the same, and still being updated. Crazy.

It's just been a while, so I thought I'd post some randomnity as Jeff calls it.

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  1. If i had the authority to, I would give you a random button, but you will have to ask your husband for one of those :) I like your randomnity. I am wishing for the Lord of the Rings extended movies for christmas.