Saturday, May 14, 2011

Full Circle

Sometimes my life takes an unexpected turn and then here I am again in the same place having come full circle.

I am loving the film Titanic again, which is no surprise to those who know me because Titanic will always be buried deep inside my heart to come out every now and then. It's funny it would happen now, but I think some of it has to do with the weather.

For me Spring and Summer just smells like the ships I love. This is probably because when I was younger I used to study and write about them from the park outside my house during these times. I love to read and study about these ships, so don't be surprised if someday soon you see more and more facts popping up about my favorite ships, the Titanic and the Lusitania.

The other day I was asked why I am fascinated by these ships. I couldn't come up with a good answer. Is it the tragedy of it all? Maybe.

Is it the beauty of the ships? Definitely.

Is it the time period? For sure.

There is something so artistic and beautiful about the ships and something so poetic and terrible about each demise. The end of an era was the Titanic and the murder of innocents for one of the first times in war history was the Lusitania.

Anyway, I'll explore these and many other ideas with you through this little blog soon.

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