Friday, November 6, 2009

It's been a while.

As most who read my blog know (those who know me), I am getting married soon, which may explain my lack of posts. I just went through this blog last night and remembered my original purpose for creating it. I will be starting it up again with a new layout and fresh ideas as soon as life calms down a bit. For now, enjoy this little entry.

Lady Duff Gordon traveled on the Titanic, but aside from that, she designed "naughty lingerie" (name the movie). As a bride-to-be, I am in the market for some "naughty lingerie" and came across a few of Lady Duff Gordon's designs. They are quite naughty...

What do you think, Jeffrey?

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  1. Get it!!! I can barely contain my animalistic lust for you! Cat sound!