Friday, February 19, 2010


I adore food.

Not in the eat without thinking way (well, most of the time), but in the contemplate every bite and every flavor way.

How wonderful it is to try new, amazing, flavorful dishes. The best part about being on a cruise (besides the fact that I was on my honeymoon with my best friend) is the food. Dinner was perfect. I ate escargot, roasted duck, lamb with mint sauce, shrimp, lobster tail, and so much more.


If I had the time and money, I would attend culinary school. Until that time and money drops on my doorstep, I guess these wonderful little sites will have to suffice:

Food Network
This channel created and has fed my appetite for delicious, flavorful dishes

Martha Stewart's Recipes

A variety of delicious recipes from easy to difficult with a myriad of flavors for every palette.

Reluctant Gourmet
While I am not very reluctant, this site provides a lot of basic training for preparing dishes.

A resource for vegetarian dishes with delectable photographs. (where I found the above picture)

I'm going to keep searching. I'll add more links as I find them. Until then, enjoy Worst Cooks in America on YouTube (unless you are lucky enough to get the Food Network and you can watch it there).

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  1. I love that someone else loves food as much as I do! And the fact that you are my best friend (Jeff too, I lump you together :)) makes it even more sweet! Love/Miss your face!