Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here's the Deal.

I need to write.

So much. Demasiado. Eterei. Necesito escribir.

It just seems like a very big, important part of me is missing.

With all this feeling yucky all the time, not being able to exercise, and trying to eat well, I have decided I'm going to do something for my soul. Maybe what's wrong with my body is reflecting my need to do more for the inner little me. Does that make sense or do I just sound schizophrenic?

Whatever I sound like, I have made the decision. I am going to write. What has kept me from writing? Too many excuses. I could go on and on with too many excuses that don't matter. Not in the slightest. If I want to do it, then I will, and I want to.

I must start out slow though. Three times per week. That's my goal right now. Every time I write, I'll report it on this blog. At least 30 minutes each time too. None of this, I wrote a paragraph good for me stuff.

Anyone else have a goal?


  1. You go girl! You have my full support!

  2. We need to catch up. Why are you feeling yucky all the time? That just stinks. Good luck with your writing! I hope you post the occasional nugget on your blog. :)