Monday, September 6, 2010

Flavor-Packed BLT

You won't believe the flavor!
So, I'm writing my first post using my new MacBook. Good feeling!

I've been perusing different food blogs today, including my beautiful friend Amy's Edible Experiments, and decided I needed something flavorful. I got it.

~ whole wheat bread, toasted
~ roma tomato
~ pepper jack cheese
~ mayonnaise (I used Kraft's Mayo with Olive Oil)
~ mustard
~ bacon
~ spring mix lettuce (or just regular lettuce would work)

Just use the above ingredients to put together the sandwich. I toasted my bread in the toaster oven and added the pepper jack cheese for the last few seconds to melt it slightly. I used a little mayo, sliced the roma tomatoes (just two slices were good--I'm using the rest for our tacos tonight). Spread mustard on the top piece of bread. Add the lettuce and then the bacon. Easy!

As far as the bacon goes, I made Cindi's broccoli salad yesterday and had a little leftover. I only use the precooked variety from Jimmy Dean. Make sure you buy their thick strip, hickory baked bacon. It is much better than the others, with less fat and much more crunch. I've had my share of experiences with precooked bacon for board breakfasts, and this is by far the best.

If you come up with any other versions, let me know. This is the most flavorful BLT I've ever had. I think the pepper jack cheese and spring mix had a lot to do with that. The spring mix salad has different varieties, including arugula which adds a bite to the sandwich. Jeff doesn't like it though, and would have chosen spinach instead. It's all up to you, which is what makes the BLT so great.


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