Sunday, December 12, 2010

My little ray of sunshine

Well, I suppose I must apologize again for the dreariness of my previous post. Sometimes a person just needs to vent and be done with it. 

This post is hopefully somewhat redemptive because while laying in bed the past day or so feeling miserable and self-piteous, I found the Kindle app on my iPod Touch to be my saving grace. I have been meaning to reread The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald for quite some time, and now I had the time. I read the entire thing in the last day and a half and adored every minute. 

The story is definitely more childlike (I mean to read it to my future children), but sometimes I like childlike things. You can ask my husband who has to endure me watching Monsters Inc. to fall asleep at night (like last night) or watch Pocahontas to feel better (like today).

This story is absolutely delightful. If you didn't know already, George Macdonald was C.S. Lewis' inspiration for many of his books and for his interest in Christianity. The book is wrought with Christian themes, most especially that seeing is not necessarily believing. 

This book has inspired me in more ways than one. It has given me the ability to think outside of my own tiny world and realize how much more is available to me. The princess, Irene, is a seven-year-old girl who acts more adult than most of the adults, especially her nursemaid. She understands the importance of honesty and integrity and most importantly, holding true to her title of princess. 

I've learned from the miner's son Curdie and his mother who often do kind things for each other, but never count the deeds or expect anything in return. A child's book has taught me quite a bit already. 

I guess even though there are clouds sometimes they can be quite pretty. Try Googling "storm clouds" and see if you don't get a gorgeous picture of lightning. This storm is still here, but I'm learning to love the beauty of the lightning--and my chance to lay in bed and read delightful stories. 

I must also thank my husband again for all he's done for me. He really makes my storms pass more quickly and easily.

(And thank you to those who were concerned. Trust me, I was just ruminating, which I just learned about yesterday and can actually be quite healthy.) 

If you want to read The Princess and the Goblin, I recommend downloading it for free on Kindle. I bought it from Kindle, and then while browsing for other books, I found it was also being offered for free. Lesson learned: Don't buy any book on Kindle until you've searched for it thoroughly because there are many things for free.

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  1. Glad to have you back in the land of the living darling! :)