Thursday, December 9, 2010


I was tagged by my gorgeous, talented sister.  Read her blog it's quite cute--and there's always something new.
4 shows  I watch:
1. Modern Family--My fave right now.
2. 30 Rock
3. The Office
4. Mad Men (when Christmas break begins)

4 things I am passionate about:
1.  My best friend
2.  Family
3.  Learning the meaning of spirituality
4. Health

4 phrases I say a lot: 
1.  “Seriously?"
2.  “Awesome."
3. “What the what?"
4. I don't know...

4 things I have learned from the past
1. It's hard to live with sometimes.
2. People make memories--not places or special events.
3. It all works out.
4. Live in the present.

4 places I would like to go:
1. Back to Paraguay
2. Georgia to visit my granny
3. Back to Paris
4. Hawaii

4 things I did yesterday:
1. Received a great massage from my husband.
2. Appreciated the help of my sis-in-law.
3. Laughed a lot with my students--they are too funny.
4. Felt overwhelmed by the very long day.

4 things i am looking forward to:
1. Finding out if I am in the nursing program!
2. The end of this semester.
3. Christmas.
4. Growing our little family.

4 things I love about winter: (not much)
1. The white snow. It is quite beautiful when it sparkles in the sunshine.
2. Wearing sweaters and gloves.
3. Being snowed in with a good book and hot chocolate and/or delicious, comforting, homemade soup!
4. The holidays with family and friends.

4 things on my wish list
1. FOTR, extended edition
2. Motivation to exercise
3. More time in the day
4. Three or four days in bed to read and write--no interruptions. That would be heaven.

4 people I tag:

(Camie, whenever you decide to update your awesome blog)

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