Friday, December 31, 2010

No Pressure


These are no pressure resolutions. Too many times I get too caught up in goals and get discouraged when I don't accomplish them. It's time to feel be at peace and content, despite my many flaws.

That brings me to resolution 1. Be content. Find healthy ways to cope with stress. Instead of stressing, take a moment to breathe. Read a book. Watch a movie. But most importantly, just breathe. Everything is and will be okay.

My 2nd resolution is to simplify. To accomplish resolution 1, I must do this. I must find little ways to simplify my life. It's already started, but I'm working on more ways.

Resolution number 3 is what most people have on their list: Eat healthier and exercise. I'm not going to place a number on my goal, because that's not the point. The point is to find what works for me. What weight works best for me. At what weight do I feel healthy and confident? Not only that, but how can I train my body to give me the best results? That's way more important to me than a model-sized body. I want to find ways to connect body to soul--yoga is on the list.

My 4th resolution has to do with something else entirely... well, sort of. I plan to make another blog. I think this will be a great distraction and hobby for me. If I do it. We'll see. No pressure resolutions, remember!

Resolution #5... Write. Every day. Whether it's in a journal, the blog, or my novel. I must write daily and in doing so, learn to harness and express creatively.

I would like to cook and bake a lot more often for resolution 6. I love it, and now I can chronicle everything with my awesome new SLR! (See the pic above for an example... I made whole wheat bread yesterday. Pair it with Cindi's awesome jam and yum!).

That's all I have, well for you to see anyway.

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  1. Oooh! Great resolutions, babe! And a good attitude towards them!